Our facilities are available for your next Horse Show, Penning, Sorting or Training Session.  Our 225’ x 100’ outdoor arena with holding pens at the rear has been redesigned to accommodate virtually any discipline of show.  Roping facilities are now an integral part of the arena.  An announcers stand with speaker system and a snack hut that you can rent or we can run the stand ourselves.  Up to 14 stalls and 6 outdoor round pens can also be made available.  We are sorry, large group trailer hookups are not yet available, but ample parking is available in an adjacent pasture and is accessible for long rigs.  One portable restroom in the camping area and one at the arena is included.  A water tank will be supplied in the camping area for watering horses.  Guest houses can be rented by the room if not previously booked.  Local hotels are located approximately 20 minutes away.

**Our indoor and outdoor arenas are available for your clinic or event rental. Contact us for more information.

An exterior view of our main barn Our indoor arena

Our central feed area

An inside view of our indoor arena

A few of our stalls

Individual turnout pens