Black & Red Angus Cattle

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For more information contact:
Jack Clark 717-377-1964
Jack Clark II 717-658-6435


Sinclair Grass Master
Reg: AAA +16027094
DOB - 1/21/08 Tattoo:8BT2

BT Right Time 24J


Leachman Right Time N Bar Emulation EXT
Leachman Erica 0025
Sitz Everelda Entense 1905 Traveler 124 G D A R
Sitz Everelda Entense 1791
N Bar Primrose Y3051


N Bar Emulation EXT Emulation N Bar 5522
N Bar Primrose 2424
N Bar Primrose 2429 Nichols Trademark S1
Primrose N Bar 9962


Sinclair Extra 4X21
Reg: AAA 14774108
DOB - 4/4/04 Tattoo: 4X21

N Bar Emulation EXT


Emulation N Bar 5522 Emulation 31
Ankony 8F78 Lass 8F275
N Bar Primrose 2424 Emulation 31
Primrose N Bar 9962
N Bar Primrose A14C910


N Bar Prime Rate C1878 N Bar Prime Rate
N Bar Clova Pride Y4763
N Bar Primrose Y3051 N Bar Emulation EXT
N Bar Primrose 2429

2000 Registered Angus Heifer,
Reserve Grand Champion of the Keystone International Livestock Exposition

Reserve Grand Champion of The Tennessee State Fair

This heifer is an example of the quality Black Angus Cattle
that are raised at Clark Farms. For more information about our
Angus program please contact
Lonnie Henry at 717-377-1954 .

Carlisle with "CRCF Lil Firecracker"

2003 PA State Farm Show Grand Champion Junior Heifer

2003 PA State Farm Show Grand Champion Open Heifer

2003 Eastern National Show Reserve Open Heifer

2003 Eastern National Champion Junior Heifer

2003 Keystone International Livestock Show Champion Junior and Open Heifer

2004 PA State Farm Show Champion Open and Junior Heifer

MK Tomahawk 3304
(WK Gunsmoke x Dateline Daughter)

2006 PA Farm Show Supreme Champion Beef Bull